Customer testimonials

Yesterday, I visited your pet cemetery and memorial gardens six weeks after loosing my beloved cat Polly to a sudden aneurysm on 25th July.

For her to die so unexpectedly has been one of the most heartbreaking things imaginable, for she was my soul friend and the best companion anyone could wish for, and I miss her terribly. I know you will understand what this is like, having lost so many of your own pets, and seeing on an almost daily basis the grief that others feel.

Rosemullion Vets arranged for Polly to be brought to Rose Farm for cremation and I now have her back home with me again in Falmouth which is giving me some comfort.

Coming to Rose Farm yesterday was a real challenge for me emotionally, but for my own peace of mind I needed to see where Polly was in her last moments. And I would like to say a big thank you to you all for creating such a warm, tranquil and beautiful place, not only for pets, but for their families who are left behind. When I walked up the driveway, I was met by your flock of white doves, and then the guinea fowl, and felt instantly that I was in a place where people really care about animals, wildlife – all life in fact.

Jim very kindly chatted with me about how it feels to loose a pet, which for me was such a comfort as I’ve found that many people either don’t understand the acute sense of pain, loss and grieving, or else they’re just embarrassed and avoid the subject. Jim was so understanding and empathic, as was Ben when I spoke to him – this meant so much to me, and I have absolute trust that Polly was given the utmost respect and care during her last moments and when she came back to Rosemullion Vets again a few days later. I thought the little Chapel of Remembrance was truly lovely, and the care that has been given to make it a place of happiness and reflection to help blanket some of the sorrow.

A friend of mine, Steve Patterson, made the lovely Celtic wood carvings and they looked so fitting there. I also wandered around the memorial gardens which were so beautifully thought out with the planting and all the little slate headstones. It was a very special place, and so sensitively created. To me, and I’m sure so many others, I really felt the love that was here, and I like to imagine all the little animals playing together amongst the flowers and the trees with bees humming in the sunshine and wind, which I’m sure they are – it was so heartwarming, and I know that by Polly passing briefly through Rose Farm before coming home she would have felt the same.

I know I shall be back at Rose Farm again and will tell others what a delightful, calming and beautiful place you’ve created for pets, and people too. Thank you once again to you all for everything, and also for helping to bring a little peace through what is a very difficult time.

Kind wishes to you all, Suzy

Hi, Just a brief note to say thank you for cremating our iguana, Egg, today. I’m not religious or spiritual in the least but after 19 years of him always being in our lives, living with us in England, Scotland and now Cornwall it seemed unthinkable not to have him around in some form or other.

Dan, from my initial enquiry this morning through to when we left, made ours an experience that could only be described as painless. He was very kind and helpful in what could have been a sad and stressful situation.

As we waited we walked around your grounds, a much welcome change from normal burial areas with beautiful weather and wildlife adding to make it a very relaxing environment. In less than an hour we were leaving, taking Egg’s remains with us, I’m sure I’ll catch myself talking to his urn for some time to come,

Thank you again, Mike Allen

Dear Penny, We would just like to take this opportunity to say thank you especially to Jason who kindly dealt with us on Saturday. We were travelling back from Germany when our daughter rang to tell us that our dear beloved Ronnie had passed away, as you can imagine we were both distraught and helpless as we were stuck in a traffic hold up on the M25. We had heard about the service you provide through my sister who had just recently lost their family dog Joe.. Time was getting on and mindful that it was late on a Friday afternoon my daughter phoned and one of your staff very kindly and with empathy told my daughter that it was no inconvenience and that we could arrange to bring Ronnie down the next morning when convenient to us.

We arrived as pre arranged at Penwith Saturday morning and were met by Jason who was extremely nice and sympathetic and very diplomatic in his approach. We were not rushed and given our own time to say goodbye to Ronnie. We walked around the gardens and all I can say is how beautiful and what a wonderful place to be laid to rest, the gardens had a sense of love, peace and serenity about it. A few hours later we collected Ronnie to take him home, the little touches like a small flower placed on his casket was really special to us. All we can say is thank you for making an experience which we were both dreading so much easier with the care and empathy given by Jason.

Kind regards, Guy & Liz Whitehall

Dear Penny, Just a short line to thank you for taking care of Bobo this morning. We would especially like to thank the young chap who took care of us. His attitude and manner were of the highest order and he is a credit to you. Thank you all again.

Kind regards The Packmans

My partner and I would just like to say thank you for the kindness and compassion you showed us yesterday and today. We sadly had to have our beloved collie Millie put to sleep yesterday – a heart-wrenching but necessary decision.

Although we didn’t arrive at you chapel of rest until nearly 5pm yesterday we were made to feel welcome and weren’t made to rush our final goodbyes at all. Not being sure what we wanted to do with Millie’s ashes we were offered the option of having a little pouch to scatter at one of her favourite places in addition to the casket itself – a very thoughtful idea! When I came back to collect Millie today I was really touched by the presentation of her ashes in a box with a little posy of flowers – imagine my surprise when I opened the box with the pouch in! It’s beautiful! At difficult times like these it’s the little personal touches that really do make a difference.

Please extend our thanks to both of the gentlemen we had dealings with for their help and understanding.

Yours, R. Reid

We brought our darling little Persian Toby down on Wednesday to finally say goodbye.

We would just like to say thank you to Ben for the very kind and sympathetic way he dealt with us. Please pass on our thanks to him and keep up the good you are doing for pet owners.

Best Wishes, Rose and David Ashwell

I’m writing this to express our sincere thanks to you and the team. We received our beloved Barney’s ashes back from the vets yesterday. At the time we had to make the traumatic decision to have him put to sleep I expressed that I wanted his ashes back but I didn’t know who would provide the cremation. I am so glad it was you.

When my husband returned from the vets with him I honestly didn’t know what to expect, but upon opening the box and finding his casket along with his name engraved reduced me to tears of joy. The care you so obviously took with him is evident and has made this time so much less traumatic for us all. Thank you again from the bottom of my heart, you do a wonderful job in looking after our best friends when they can no longer be with us.

Kathryn, Andrew Teagan and Neo Budge

We would like to thank from the bottom of our hearts for the dignity and kindness shown to both our darling Retriever – Benson and ourselves.

We visited the memorial gardens last Sunday because we wanted to know where Benson was. such a beautiful and tranquil place.

It is of comfort to have Benson's ashes with us, such a lovely plaque and casket. Thank you so much.

J & P Gooders

Dear Penny, A personal thank you. You have enabled us to lay our beloved Cherry in a friendly and beautiful caring place.

In this complex and disturbing world of ours – the honesty, truth, compassion and very soul of Rose Farm, its Pet Cemetery and its live stock give peace to our troubled hearts at this time of such deep sadness and massive loss. I know we feel supported in our loss and particularly by yourself, Sue and Mickey.

Thank you for the kind attention you gave to Pablo Sparrow recently. His cremation was arranged via the Vets and we were unaware that they would be bringing Pablo to you. Having looked at your website we feel reassured that Pablo was treated with respect and care when we could not be there.

He battled through a long and debilitating illness and his loss was terrible for us. With the help of the Vets his death was peaceful and dignified and your involvement helped to ensure the disposal of his remains was the same.

Eventually we hope to scatter his ashes in the place he loved to walk and play but in the meantime to have his ashes so beautifully kept in such a lovely casket is a great comfort.

Thank you Gill, Shaun and Willow

Testimonials from vets

A sympathetic, kind and professional service for our clients and their beloved pets.

Carole Brown, Practice Manager – Clifton Villa Veterinary Surgery

Rosemullion Veterinary Practice congratulates Penny Lally and Penwith Pet Crematorium on reaching their 25th anniversary.

We have been working in partnership with Penwith since the very beginning and have always been impressed by everyone who works there, dealing with the death of a pet is a difficult and emotional journey for many of our owners and Penny and her team are always sensitive to the needs of our clients, they make a difficult time more bearable.

Penwith provides an invaluable service in beautiful, restful surroundings, we are looking forward to working with them all for another 25 years.

Stuart Saunders, Practise Manager - Rosemullion Vets